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Where would we be

if not for "God's Grace"

This is our living testimony! 

Our desire is to help you discover Jesus,

his promises and Glorious plan in your life


About us

Where would we be if not for "God's Grace". This is our living testimony! We started in April 2012, having our first service in a house garden with just a few members. We experience God's Greatness and Favour in every way and we witnessed His awesome miracles touching and changing lives. Our hearts are all ignited as we experience the mighty presence of the Most High God in every service as we lift our hands in Worship.

Our desire is to help you discover Jesus, his promises and Glorious plan in your life. We invite you as you come and experience heartfelt worship, Bible based preaching, and ministry for the whole family. House of Worship Church is not an ordinary church but a place where friends, family and faith come together to Glorify our Awesome God.

Our Pastors

Our Pastors
EJ & Sarah Lavapie

Pastor Ej and Sarah started their ministry as part of the worship team in their church in the Philippines during their youth days.


Sarah moved to the UK in 2006 to re-unite with her father. She continues her life serving the Lord in a small church in Northern Ireland. In 2010, an opportunity was opened for her to move to London. She re-joined the London branch of her same church 

when she was in the Philippines and volunteered as part of the worship team. She was involve in managing church programs, organizing events and leading the church congregation in worship.

When Sarah left to move to the UK, Ej continued his ministry in the Philippines as a church drummer. He was instrumental in setting up the Young Professionals ministry in their together with the "Yuppies" in his church. They organized empowering events for the young people in their church. This has open an opportunity for him to be a Youth Leader reaching out hundreds of young people in their city.


Ej and Sarah got married in December 2011 and decided to move to the UK and eventually pioneered and leading the House of Worship Christian Church until this very day, through God's Grace and Favor. 

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